code converter by SharpDevelop

For C# 6.0, please check out our new Roslyn Code Converter, which is part of Refactoring Essentials.

The Code Converter

Go directly to the converter (supports C#, VB.NET and Boo)

Code Conversion as a Web Service

If you want to use code conversion in your code, you can call the Convert Service. It is really simple to use: reference the service, and you are good to go. Please use the method Convert (the others are deprecated), and the first parameter has the following options: cs2vbnet, vbnet2cs, cs2boo, vbnet2boo. If conversion fails, you can look at the ErrorMessage to see what went wrong. Otherwise, ConvertedSource will contain the source code in the target language. The service is doing the exact same steps as the online converter.

A sample Windows Forms application demonstrating the usage of the service is available: Windows Forms Web Service Client (source included)

Technical Background

The converter uses SharpDevelop's NRefactory to perform the conversion. For the conversion to work properly, you have to paste a full class or source code file because we don't do "magic" RegEx's or string replacement - our code converter uses a full blown parser, and that's why the source code must be valid.

Note that the conversion is not perfect (ie references to external references can be guessed only), however, if you encounter a problem such as a wrongly converted statement, please let us know - after all, the reason why we provide this online converter is to more easily gather feedback. You can get in touch with us via the Bug Reporting Forum. By providing us with a sample of what's not working as expected, we can improve the converter so you get better results the next time - as well as everyone else.